Innovative Products for the 21st Century Standby batteries are considered the weakest link in the chain. Acutix strengthens that chain through the Battery Equalizer. The best electronic gadgetry in the world means nothing, without the right power source. In  this portable, wireless world, that power often comes from batteries. Computers, cars,  heating systems, industrial plants, stereos all rely on these energy-storage systems to  function and perform. Most companies and organizations rely on sophisticated electronic  equipment for day-to-day operations. Downtime can mean a loss in revenue, data and  customers.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually worldwide, on backup power systems to  negate these threats. Organizations depend on battery banks and Uninterrupted Power  Supply (UPS) systems, to keep computers and electronic equipment running.  Battery system integrity requires that each cell in a string be charged and maintained as it's  condition warrants. The present practice of 'Brute Force' charging and equalizing, highly  stresses fully charged cells. Cell voltage regulation circumvents this problem and minimizes  cell stress and ageing.  Acutix, the most consistent, easy-to-use battery management system available. BATTERY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS