Innovative Products for the 21st Century 4.      In a relay network (non-polled) if one remote or coordinator loses power or signal, what happens?  In other words, how does a user know if this happens to one module? If any unit cannot reach the coordinator, the switch outputs will be closed. (ie: the outputs are FAIL CLOSED) 5.      If the antenna is disconnected, the signal is still generated but with a diminished range; how does the user know in a relay or polled network if the antenna is disconnected? A disconnected antenna would cause that unit and any relying on it to reach the coordinator to fail closed. 6.      On the demo unit there are 8 connections for the I/O, 3 common connections and 2 alarm connections.  How many discrete devices can be wired into one module? 8 I/O plus 2 alarm annunciators. The Common is just ground. 7.      It is not acceptable according to code to install multiple wires in a spring clamp PCB terminal.  How do you handle the common when you run out of PCB terminals? Add DIN Rail terminal blocks or chain the grounds from one device to another. 8.     Is there a way to protect the connection for the antennae so that it is not susceptible to mechanical disconnect by accident via a cover or "hinged flap?"  In a cabinet this is not a problem if wire tray or tie wraps are used. 9.     What is the hazardous location approval to be for: Class I, Division 2, Class I Zone 2, both? Both   1.      The range of the WW is stated to have a range of 1KM line of sight. In a multiple remote module network, is it correct to state that as long as there is one "clear" path (no obstacles) for the signal in the network, obstacles for other remote modules would find their way via the clear path modules back to the coordinator? Yes each unit must be able to reach at least one other with a chain linking to the coordinator. If this is the case any unit can talk to any other unit. 2.      How far can the antenna wire run from the module it is transmitting for?  Is there a max? That depends on the type of cable used. Low loss cable should be able to reach 300m, RG58u (regular cable) at least 100m. 3.      If the module is blocked, does putting the antenna into the line of sight deal with any signal interference issues? Line of sight means line of sight of the antennas not the units. FAQ